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Our Cuddoll family stands for a sustainable future for all

Welcome to Cuddolland. A magical place made of precious moments, giggles and of course, lots and lots of cuddles! A land where toys are lovingly made to last a lifetime.

We are Zeynep and Didem, two New York-based Turkish friends and entrepreneurs with a passion for creating beautiful, handmade products that are loved by children and trusted by parents.

The inspiration for our cuddly enterprise was the birth of Zeynep’s daughter, Myra and the birth of Didem’s nephew Efe, where our only 2 baby doll names are inspired by their births that were only 4 months apart ( Efe is the baby brother of Myra’s :)) so luckily the preparation period overlapped in a way in which our full-time job turned into buying gifts to those unborn miracles!

During this time, apart from everything else that you can easily find in the baby products market, we wanted to give them something unique… An heirloom doll that is safe, cuddly and that would stay with them for the rest of their lives, just like our heirloom dolls from our childhood. They can, of course, have ours, which we still have on our beds (do not laugh!) but still… We were in search of creating new memories for them…

We searched and searched, but we were unable to find what we were looking for, and guess what? We decided to take matters into our own hands and design the product ourselves!

It was also important for us to make sure we would contribute to society and give something back. And the answer came from Zeynep’s mom, who after a difficult divorce, had spent a long time feeling lonely and isolated, and was also keen to help other women in the same situation.


Together, we partnered up with an organization to create a working environment for women who need emotional and financial support to start over and live a healthy life. We built several workshop studios within this organization in Turkey to teach these women how to fish! We have an open-door policy. From beginners to experienced handcrafters, they are all welcome to join our team to create, share, and heal! We are now healing and supporting these amazing, passionate moms by putting their creativity to work making unique, handmade crafts in a safe and supporting environment. Filiz is also one of them… Making her granddaughter’s first doll was priceless for Filiz, Zeynep’s mom.

And just like that, Cuddoll was born.

Our Cuddoll family stands for happy moments shared with our loved ones. It stands for a sustainable future for all, and it stands for all the women out there who have dreams.

So, join our growing Cuddoll family and give someone you love a lifelong friend.

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